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Ramla Bile’s Next Big Thing Project Contribution

April 7, 2013

Ramla Bile just posted on her blog her Next Big Thing contribution about the project she is working on, a book of fiction that is in part a response to talking with a woman who was at a loss to find images of Muslim women that were true, honest and positive. As Ramla reminds us, “that list isn’t as long as it should be.” But she seems to be writing more because she has good stories to relate and a good craft with which to tell it. It is a true American Story.

Ramla is smart and funny and her eyes are wide open. She has something to say and great characters through which she says it. We should listen.

Ramla says,”Oftentimes, people perceive Muslims as a monolith who are in a constant state of prayer (when they aren’t bombing things, of course).” Please read her contribution to The Next Big Thing project HERE:
The Next Big Thing Project

Also, a special thanks again to Julia Klatt Singer for tagging me for this project and to Julia
Julia Nekessa Opoti who will follow Ramla.

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