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April 6, 2012

April is National Poetry month. I and eight other Givens Foundation Retreat Fellows are working of pieces for a reading on April 24th, some of whom will share poetry that Tuesday night. (It’s at Intermedia Arts at Lyndale and 28th in Minneapolis at 7 o’clock, if you can make it.) While I work on my piece, I will share a post from this fall that more aptly fits today.

I wrote this after Sid and I attended a great reading at ArtStart in St. Paul with Bao Phi and Ed Bok Lee. Next week, we will attend a reading featuring Kate Kysar reading from her latest book, PRETEND THE WORLD and Phil Bryant, our Givens Foundation Emerging author mentor, from his latest book, STOMIN’ AT THE GRAND TERRACE. (ArtStart/ArtScraps is at 1459 St. Clair Avenue, Saint Paul.)

Read some poetry. Write some poetry. It’s important.

The Clarence White Blog

Last night, my son Sid and I went to a poetry reading. I will go blue in the face trying to explain why it was important to be there. I am glad that I did not have to explain why to Sid, that for some reason, he knew, that he would go there for more than the several out-loud laughs he had or for the treats that did not come until after the reading.


It was important to be there. It was important to learn, remember, and respond to and from those words, the ideas, the emotion. How much can we learn from poetry?


Last night’s lessons: They are about poetry, art and life, and why humans need all three.


We learned that there are things that we will say in poems that we won’t say to our parents, won’t say if we are shy and won’t…

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