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A New Opportunity to Share Your Wisdom and Your Love

July 28, 2011

When I began this blog back in November, one of the important things I wanted this space to be about was other people’s expertise and wisdom, because mine can get pretty dry, and isn’t always wise at all.


There has been one big problem. Google Blogger, it seems, has proven troublesome for a lot of people who have tried to leave comments. I have heard this from other users of Blogger, with other blogs. If I am to get the full enjoyment of these correspondences, I need to hear from you.


People have been able to share their thoughts with such great care, wisdom, insight and have make me a little wiser, if I am not moving too fast or too distracted to hear those juicy nuggets.


So I have moved the blog to this new space, At this new home, I hope you will find a place to share with friends and strangers and maybe change a few strangers into friends—and maybe find a space to heal some enemy wounds.


I hope you will use the space to say the things I long to hear from you, to tell me some things that I might find hard to hear and show the value you have for all of us by sharing your stuff. And maybe tell a few secrets or two. (Give ’em up, folks.) Also, give me suggestions on how I can better use this new tool, how it should look, and what you think in general.


In the mean time, if you have not already, take a look at last week’s post, “An 11-Year-Old’s Profile in Courage.” It is a great story about some people—one kid in particular—at their best in challenging times.


Take care and I look forward to you sharing your wisdom and your love.

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  1. July 28, 2011 8:19 pm

    Congratulations on the big move!!!

  2. Xandra permalink
    July 29, 2011 2:25 am

    So WordPress would seem to be the place to be, these days.

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